Ask Dr Dawn and GeekSpeak

May 21, 2016 — Santa Cruz, United States

May 21, 2016 Santa Cruz, United States

Ask Dr Dawn and GeekSpeak

A live show of Ask Dr Dawn, and then help from the Geeks to learn about podcasting.

Come and meet Dr Dawn Motyka and the Geeks. Enjoy a live show of Ask Dr. Dawn and afterwards, from the Geeks, learn about podcasts: how they work, and more importantly how to subscribe to your favorite radio shows including Ask Dr Dawn.

Bring your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. We will help get you started and teach you all you need to know to move from Radio to the Internet for your audio enrichment. The end of KUSP does not need to be the end of listening to the shows you love.

The Speakers

Dr. Dawn Motyka

Dr. Dawn Motyka

Dr. Motyka is a Board Certified in Family Practice Medicine and in Medical Acupuncture. She is also certified in Functional Medicine and Hypnosis. Dr. Motyka is the only acupuncturist with full practitioner privileges at Domincan Santa Cruz Hospital. She received her medical education from the University of California at Davis and completed her family practice residency at San Bernardino County Medical Center. She received her acupuncture training from the prestigious Helms Institute at UCLA.

Lyle Troxell

Lyle Troxell

Lyle Troxell has been hosting GeekSpeak for 15+ years on KUSP. He is a programer working for Netflix, a maker, and father of three.

The Schedule

  • Welcome and Meet

      May 21, 2016, 10:00AM,  15 minutes

    Pre-show, allowing all to find a seat before we get ready.

  • Ask Dr Dawn

      May 21, 2016, 10:15AM,  45 minutes

    A medical “live show” ask the Dr questions about traditional and non traditional medicine.

  • GeekSpeak

      May 21, 2016, 11:00AM,  40 minutes

    Learn how podcasts work and how to subscribe to your favorite shows. Join the podcast revolution.

  • Set Up Your Devices for Podcasting

      May 21, 2016, 11:40AM,  20 minutes

    The geeks will help get your laptops, smart phones, and tablets subscribed to your favorite podcasts.


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Getting There

Hosted by Cruzio Works, the co-working facility of Cruzio Internet.




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Lyle Troxell